Obtain a Tourist Visa to France 2021


Except for some minor modifications relating to specific supporting papers, the documents necessary to get a tourist visa to France are the same as those required for any short-term Schengen visa.
As we often refer to our themes, a short-term Schengen visa is one that is provided to persons who want to visit one of the Schengen nations for no more than 90 days, whether France, Spain, Italy, Greece…
The Schengen visa is named after the purpose for which the individual desires to travel; for tourism, it is called a tourist visa; for visiting family or friends, it is called a visitor visa; and for medical care, it is termed a medical visa…

Because France is a member of the European Union and the Schengen region, its short-term visa, as well as the rest of the Schengen visas, apply to it.

As a result, it provides this visa to anybody who can demonstrate that his stay in France will not exceed 90 days in order to engage in one of the following activities:

  • France tourism; visiting family and friends in France;
  • Attending a cultural or athletic event in France; Participating in short-term vocational training or training in France;
  • Giving a lecture about professors and academics, or taking part in a cultural demonstration
  • Traveling to France for medical treatment or care
  • People who intend to move to France and remain for more than 90 days will need to apply for a long-term visa, commonly known as a national visa.

To secure this visa, the individual must produce documentation and papers that we have discussed in a prior article, which can be found here.

Visa to France What documentation are necessary for persons wishing to stay in France for more than 90 days?

In general, we will discuss France today, as well as the paperwork and documents necessary to acquire a tourist visa in France.

The documents needed to apply for a tourist visa to France in 2020

There are four categories of proof and papers necessary to acquire a tourist visa to France:

  • Evidence presented to demonstrate the availability of modes of transportation for travel to France:
  • Evidence that there is a place to live and live in France.
  • Proof of a means of subsistence while in France
  • Evidence of social and economic stability is offered.
  • Each of the aforementioned pieces of proof consists of one or more documents that vary from person to person depending on the circumstances of each particular application.

As a result, we will attempt to explain this information in depth so that the picture becomes clearer.

1 Evidence of availability of means of transportation to travel to France: The applicant must produce evidence indicating that he want to travel to France on a specified day and that he plans to depart from it at a specific time.

The first proof that the applicant can give is return and return tickets booked using a specified mode of transportation.

This mode of transportation might be:

As a result, a round-trip flight ticket reservation is required. A bus; so, bus ticket reservations must be made. or by steamship or ferry, hence a steamship ticket must be supplied
To prevent losing money, European embassies and consulates are urged not to purchase the ticket before getting the visa, and in exchange, only a refundable charge for a little commission can be reserved.

2 Proof of a location to live and work in France
One of the evidences that a person must provide in the tourism visa file in France is that related to the existence of a place to live and reside in France.

As a result, the following proof should be provided:

Confirm your hotel reservation; or provide evidence of a scheduled tour by a tourist company…; or provide a title deed (real estate, apartment, or home) in the nation that you intend to visit.

3 Proof of availability of subsistence means while resident in France:
Documents confirming the availability of acceptable means of sustenance while in France are among the most crucial documents necessary to get a tourist visa to France.

Some of the following papers must be produced to establish this:

A bank statement from the previous three months; or Provide evidence of financial resources accessible throughout the stay, such as (a credit card, an account statement from an overseas bank, or a foreign exchange receipt); or
Submission of a letter of assurance from a person who can cover all of the traveler’s expenses and stay, together with proof of financial means for this sponsor, host, or guarantor (some Schengen member states impose the use of a national form specified in the letter of guarantee)

4 Proof of the applicant’s current financial and social situation:
The goal of this advice is to help the French embassy analyze the applicant (is he a potential migrant or not).

The applicant’s socioeconomic status (socioeconomic) has a significant impact on the filing of his request, because it is apparent that this individual has things for which he returns to his country, or that he will work with the Qur’anic verse “Our Lord, get us out of it, or we shall be mistreated.”

As a result, the applicant must demonstrate to the French embassy that he has reasons to return to his home country and that his financial condition prohibits him from considering illegal immigration.

This proof differs depending on the person’s professional standing, as indicated below:

Employees, employees / employees, and workers:
If the applicant is an employee or worker, he must submit the following documentation.

The employment certificate provided by the employer;
Certificate of Salary;
Original documentation for the last three salary statements; bank statements for the previous three months; or
Provide proof that the applicant has an adequate means of subsistence, such as ownership of a business, real estate, or agricultural land…
The Ministry of Labor must submit a stamped labor contract for foreign employees residing in a nation other than their place of origin.
For a government worker / government worker
The government employee, like employees and workers, must include the following papers in his visa file:

The job certificate was provided by

EE employment; a copy of an insurance or social solidarity fund enrollment card;
Original documentation for the latest three months’ bank statements; or
Provide evidence of the employee’s capacity to pay for living and travel expenses, as well as documentation of his ownership of real estate or agricultural property…
For retired men and women:
If the applicant is retired and wishes to visit France for tourism purposes, he must produce the following documentation.

Submit the original copy of the permit for the last payment of other taxes paid by the company.
The bank statement of the company or contractor for the last 3 months.
The applicant’s bank statement for the past three months.
Provide other evidence showing the applicant’s ability to travel and residency costs or provide evidence of his availability on property or means of subsistence, according to each person’s case (for example: company ownership, property ownership, agricultural land ownership …).
For the farmer / farmer / farmer and the farmer
People who work in agriculture or agriculture can also apply for a France Tourist Visa, but will have to provide some documents along the lines of previous professional positions.

Submit an original copy of the permit for the company’s most recent payment of other taxes.
The company’s or contractor’s bank statement for the last three months.
Bank statement for the last three months for the application
Provide further documentation demonstrating the applicant’s capacity to cover travel and residency fees, or evidence of his availability on property or means of subsistence, as appropriate (for example, firm ownership, property ownership, agricultural land ownership…).
For the farmer/farmer/farmer and the farmer/farmer/farmer
People who work in agriculture or agriculture can also apply for a France Tourist Visa, but they must offer proof of past professional jobs.

Evidence demonstrating a person is involved in farming or farming (for example, a farm room certificate); or
A document of ownership of agricultural or agricultural land, or a three-month bank statement;
Any additional proof that the farmer owns the means of subsistence, such as ownership of a business, real estate, or land…
Those who work / work in an organized free professional environment:
Those who are self-employed operate in a free, organized, and destructive profession such as medical, dentistry, pharmacy, law, or architecture…

These individuals will be required to supply the following documents:

Professional identification card; proof of company tax registration;
Bank statement from the last three months (original papers);
Any additional proof indicating the applicant holds a means of sustenance, such as ownership of a business, real estate, or agricultural land…
For those who are unemployed:
The unemployed person’s chances are, to put it mildly, slim. Oh my God, if he can offer the following documents to support his request:

A sponsor’s duty to cover all signed costs, which must be supported by confirmation of the sponsor’s social and economic situation as indicated earlier.
Bank statements for the previous three months, if available; or
Evidence indicating the applicant possesses a means of sustenance, such as ownership of a business, real estate, or agricultural land…
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In addition to the papers listed above, the candidate must be accessible at:

A passport that is valid for at least three months after you return from your trip;
Medical insurance is in force for the duration of the trip until the return to the country, as long as the coverage amount does not fall below 30,000 euros (for more information, see the article “Who is here?”).
So, for all social classes, these are the papers necessary to acquire a tourist visa to France. But what are the stages involved in applying for a French visa?

How to Get a Visa for France 2020:
After you have determined the papers necessary to acquire a tourist visa to France, the first step is to complete the France Visa form.

To do so, you must first log in to the French visa website, where you may register and begin filling out the form.

An example of a France-packed Schengen visa

This website will also teach you all of the necessary processes for going to France.

However, if you are unfamiliar with how to use this website, we highly urge you to return to a prior post we would have predicted we had produced on how to fill out the Visa France form using the aforementioned website.

A full description and images of the new system’s procedure for acquiring Visa France 2019 through the Internet.

Where can I apply for a France visa?
In general, the application for France visa boxes is made at the French consulate in the applicant’s home country.

However, in recent years, the procedure of applying for a French visa at a visa processing center has varied by nation.

In the Kingdom of Morocco, for example, the person applies for a French visa at the TLS CONTACT.

The application for a French visa is submitted at the VFS GLOBAL visa processing facility in Saudi Arabia, and similarly in other Arab and North African nations.

What is the cost of a French visa?
From February 1, 2020, visitors intending to get a France visa or any other Schengen visa from a non-visa-free country must follow the new Schengen visa requirements.

Among the most notable of these requirements is the payment of a visa cost of 80 euros for adults instead of 60 euros today, and 40 euros instead of 35 for children aged six to twelve, with children under the age of six entering free of charge.

If the request is denied, this money is non-refundable.

Visa processing facilities charge fees for their services that range from 25 to 30 euros and vary by nation. These payments are also non-refundable if the application is not approved (kicking you with a mule).

So that’s all in the file of documents needed to acquire a tourist visa to France for 2020; we wish everyone well.