Immigration to Britain


The immigration program to Britain by establishing a branch of a company is directed to senior company managers (division managers) who work in the offices of the parent company in its home country, provided that the manager has long experience at the company’s headquarters and wishes to establish a branch for this company inside Britain.

This kind of immigration grants you residency for three years and four months, which can be extended to two years before applying for permanent residence. After 5 years of actual stay in the United Kingdom and at least one year of attaining permanent residence, you can apply for British citizenship (terms and restrictions apply).

The pros and disadvantages of opening a company branch in Britain

  • Enlistment of the spouse/wife, youngsters younger than 18, in the application
  • The option to free schooling for youngsters younger than 18
  • Full happiness regarding work freedoms in Britain for a spouse or wife
  • Getting super durable home in Britain that prompts the chance of applying for a British visa by applying the agreements connected with British regulation
  • Acquiring the right to health care coverage (yearly charges)
  • The option to enter 185 nations without giving a visa to these nations after getting British citizenship
  • Partaking in the freedoms of equity and correspondence for occupants of Britain

Requirements and requirements for qualifying for residency in Britain for the founders of a foreign firm branch in Britain

There are a few circumstances and prerequisites for getting home in Britain for financial backers through the program of laying out a part of an unfamiliar organization in Britain – home in Britain, where the candidate must:

Director specifications

  • Experience: To have a long encounter and profound information in the idea of crafted by the parent organization where he works
  • The organization: That he has been utilized in the parent organization and works in its fundamental base camp situated in its nation of origin outside Britain
  • Position: To have a senior situation from the ranking directors of the parent organization (division chief)
  • Possession: not to be an accomplice or own a stake in the (primary) parent organization
  • Objective: To lay out a UK organization branch for an organization based external Britain
  • Position in Britain: The administrator has the power and position to go with functional choices for the organization and business framework
  • English: pass the A1 level in the English language test (tuning in and talking)

Company specifications

To be a genuine business project by demonstrating the real presence of the organization

Not set in stone to lay out an organization branch in Britain and to set up all prerequisites connected with fuse

Give subtleties of the strategy for the organization’s business movement to be laid out in Britain

The central command of the parent organization will be outside Britain, with no expectation to move them in any capacity inside Britain

That the business assignments and exercises of the organization to be laid out in Britain are no different for the parent organization outside Britain

The expenses expected to get home in Britain for the organizers behind an unfamiliar organization branch in Britain

  • Visa costs: £ 610/individual
  • Medical coverage: £ 400/individual/yearly (absolute of £ 1,400 however long the stay might last)

* Different charges are added. All charges are likely to change without earlier notification.