Permanent Residence in America (Green Card)


Permanent Residency in America (Green Card) under the EB-5 investment program

The EB-5 investment program is designed for those who want to earn permanent residency in the United States (Green Card) by participating in current investment projects run by regional centers in various American economic sectors.

Investment concessions

Aside from the fact that America speaks for itself and advertises itself through its worldwide stature and economic might, investing in America draws a large number of investors, particularly through the EB-5 investment program! This is attributed to the following benefits:

 General privileges

  • Investing through the EB-5 program has no complex requirements and is one of the simplest processes for acquiring a permanent residence visa in America (Green Card).
  • Investing in America under the EB-5 program provides the investor with a limitless number of investment options in one of the world’s greatest economic marketplaces.
  • The regional center has authorized investment projects in the United States that are among the largest current projects in the world.

Benefits for the investor and his family

  • The investor has the option to demand family members (husband/wife/children under the age of 21).
  • After receiving a permanent residency visa for himself and his family, the EB-5 program allows the investor to petition for American citizenship.
  • The freedom to pick the American state in which the investor desires to live with his family without being forced to live in the same state in which he invested.
  • The investor and his family are granted work permits in the United States.
  • One of the most significant benefits of the EB-5 investment program to the investor is that he does not have to meet the following requirements:
  • The investor must be at least 18 years old.
  • No prior job experience is necessary.
  • You do not need to be fluent in English, and there is no minimum educational level (certificates) necessary.

Conditions and requirements for investing in a residency program through Investing in America (Green Card EB-5)

Investment requirements

  • Complete the basic investing process and deposit a minimum of $ 900,000 into the Escrow Account.
  • Proof of the origin of the money utilized in the selected investment (proof only of the source of the funds and not the total net assets).
  • That the investor offer 10 permanent positions with complete working hours inside his investment project; these jobs are already created by the regional center, and the regional center instantly registers 10 of them in his name when the investor invests.

The investor’s and family’s requirements

  • The investor has not been in the United States unlawfully for six months or longer.
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Make certain that the youngsters who will participate in the application are under the age of 21.
  • All of the children who will be associated to the application have never been married.

The costs of obtaining permanent residency in the United States (Green Card) under the EB-5 investment program.

  • Cost of the project: not less than 900,000 USD

* Other charges are levied. All costs are subject to change at any time without notice.